Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) 2013 Conference

Role: UX designer

The Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) Conference brings together the world's greatest visionaries to inspire young people to create, innovate, and better the world. The topics covered include: technology, science,design, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and the arts.

Started in 2008 as "Changing the World", we believed that the TED organization was the best 'school' on Earth, so we wanted to provide that spirit for a young audience.

Client: DOT
Year: 2013 (ongoing)

Design Our Tomorrow (DOT) 2013 Conference will be opened for registration this Fall, and the website will be pushed out by June. Prominently focusing on the social media connections to align ideas, interests and people together. We will be showcasing the past event speakers and lectures along with sponsorship opportunities. 
Forecast: 2000+ attendees.