Dedicated to those who suffer from late night inspiration.


Children's illustrated book.
For the creatives.

It was the darkest of night and I ready for bed.
Smooth down my nightgown and turn off the lights.

Oh! This was bliss, to curl up in bed. The pillows were fluffed and the stage was set. But in a corner, a shadow stirred.
It crept down the walls and slide to the floor.

Then with sudden violence, it exploded with force.

Writhing with terrible menace, it lunged for my head.
"No!" I cried. "Please! Not again."
I twisted and turned and cried out pleas.
Yet mercilessly it prodded, and paid me no heed.
As my eyes drained empty. The beast gave a victorious grin.

And gobbled me whole.

My thoughts consumed me and sleep was no more.